Inniskeen the band

Inniskeen is Ohio's newest Irish trio. Musicians Michael Dugger, Steve Steele, and Sheree Green bring decades of experience to the stage, performing the music they love. The tune sets offer beauty and power while the songs find the poetry in love and loss, good times, bad times, and the joys found in everyday life.

Mike Dugger - Box, vocals

Mike Dugger of InniskeenMike has been playing Irish music and singing songs in and out of the Irish tradition since 1982. He was a founding member of America's acclaimed Irish group Scartaglen and performed with this group until 1994. As a member of several Irish bands in the Kansas City area, he continued his musical efforts and moved to Columbus, Ohio, in 2012. His talents on the button accordion and his ability to find the soul in the songs he sings have been enjoyed by audiences all over North America.

Steve Steele - Guitar, vocals

Steve Steele of Inniskeen Irish BandSteve started playing the guitar as a youngster with a strong interest in the folk tradition. A trip to Ireland in 1986 instilled a fascination with the world of traditional Irish music. His musical travels over the past 30 years have provided him the opportunity to play this music from the Great Lakes to the Gulf shores. The Irish and folk tradition continues to fascinate, motivate and entertain him. You will hear it in his voice when he sings and his guitar when he plays.

Sheree Green - Fiddle

Sheree Green of Inniskeen Irish BandSheree's musical life started at the age of four while studying Classical violin, blossoming into explorations of various styles of folk playing. Since 1991 her expertise on the fiddle and superb talents in harmony and arrangement have been focused on the Irish music scene. She has performed all over the Eastern area of our nation with the acclaimed General Guinness Band and has become quite the fiddler in the Irish music idiom.